ParkerMount iPhone and iPod mount ParkerMount GPS mount ParkerMount camera mount ParkerMount / RAM Aqua Box mount

iPhone / iPod

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A rugged mount for your iPhone and iPod, the ParkerMount can be positioned and locked in place, and "parked" when not in use. A custom cradle for your iPhone or iPod is included!


$79.95 + cradle
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Perfect for truck, boat, or kayak this ParkerMount places your GPS display exactly where you can see and access its function keys. Custom cradles sold separately by RAM Mounts.

camera /video
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Mount your digital camera or videocam atop this rugged and flexible arm. Its 100% marine-grade components are durable and reliable. For indoor and outdoor use.

Aqua Box
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This ParkerMount hosts a waterproof RAM Mounts Aqua Box®. With its clear front panel and easy-access door, the Aqua Box will protect your prized electronics, maps and gear.

  ParkerMount binocular mount  


Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the distant horizon!
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  Toughbar Elbow extension arm  

can sport a

Add a second Toughbar extension to any ParkerMount when you place an order and you save $$$ off the price of the added part.
  Toughbar Extension Arm for RAM Mounting Systems Assemblies  


Online Exclusive!
The Toughbar® hardened steel extension arm is compatible with all Kayalu products and RAM Mounts assemblies.
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Our premium grade navigation lights and marine mounts for camera, GPS, fishfinder, binoculars and more.

What is a ParkerMount?

ParkerMount with Kayalu Toughbar

A ParkerMount is a rugged mount for securely supporting your electronic devices and objects, capable of being "parked" when not in use.

ParkerMount RAM Mounts base

The ParkerMount has a RAM Mounts anodized aluminum base and includes all necessary stainless steel bolts, nuts — even the properly sized drill bit, to install the base on your boat, truck, ATV, car or any other desired mounting surface.

The ParkerMount sports an aluminum and stainless steel extension arm with multiple degrees of freedom. Simply put, you can position and lock your electronic device exactly where you need it.

ParkerMount with Kayalu Toughbar Elbow

ParkerMount products are manufactured using premium grade components from RAM Mounting Systems Inc., integrated with our own Toughbar® extension arm.

ParkerMount component parts are interchangeable, enabling you to create new and exciting variations from the standard product line, or to simply swap components on the same ParkerMount base.

Our company, S. H. Pierce & Co. / Kayalu Gear is an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RAM Mounting Systems, Inc, the premiere manufacturer of mounts for use in harsh conditions and challenging environments. We specialize in unique and custom RAM Mounts configurations and new products incorporating RAM components.

ParkerMount rigid mounts for challenging surfaces and environments.