Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Do ParkerMounts ship fully assembled?
How versatile is the head, once the ParkerMount is installed?
Is the ParkerMount weatherproof and waterproof?
Are ParkerMount components interchangeable with each other and also with RAM components?
Can I purchase ParkerMounts from my local hardware store or electronics supplier?
ParkerMount: Phone and Mp3 Questions
Is the cradle to fit my phone or MP3 player included in the price?
ParkerMount: Camera, Binocular and Speedlight Questions
Does the ParkerMount Camera Mount have a standard tripod screw?
ParkerMount: GPS and Fishfinder Questions
Is the cradle to fit my GPS unit or Fishfinder included in the price?
ParkerMount: Aqua Box® Questions
Does the price for the ParkerMount include the Aqua Box®
Is the Aqua Box® waterproof?
Website Questions
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