ParkerMount: Waterproof Aqua Box® Extension Arm Mount

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ParkerMount Aqua Box mount
ParkerMount RAM Mounts Aqua Box Mount

With our ParkerMount PKR-1600, you can access a rugged waterproof and weatherproof box containing your valuable electronic devices, papers and objects — even a box lunch, mounted on your boat, truck, car, airplane wing or nearly any surface imaginable.

The Aqua Box has a clear, rubber front panel, through which you can see and press buttons on your phone, GPS or other mobile device while ensuring that the unit remains isolated from wind, rain, ocean waves — even a sandstorm.

The ParkerMount PKR-1600 can hold up to 3 lbs. (1.4 kg) of weight, easily managing larger devices and objects placed inside the Aqua Box. We carry four sizes of Aqua Box, small, medium, large and wide which you can order with your ParkerMount. You can also purchase Aqua Boxes separately if you want to swap different sizes into the same ParkerMount.

The Aqua Box is quite amazing. Here's why...

ParkerMount: Aqua Box

The rugged Aqua Box, manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems, is constructed with a clear, rubber lens mounted on its face. A hinged door, framing the lens, enables you to place your electronic device or valued object inside while allowing easy access if required. A hinged clasp on the side of the Aqua Box snaps closed to keep the door tightly shut and sealed. The clear lens allows you to view an electronic display, as well as to press function keys while in place. Inside the RAM Aqua Box are layers of removable EVA foam cushioning, which enable you to secure your electronic device even if they are slim or oddly shaped. If required, you can lock the box with a small padlock, once closed.

A note regarding operation of iPhone and iPod Touch screens...

The flexible lens on an Aqua Box will allow you to depress the click wheel and all contact-based buttons on an Apple iPod, but it does not carry the electrostatic charge required to operate an iPhone or iPod Touch screen, or the sensitivity required to dial an iPod click wheel. An iPhone ringtone is audible through an Aqua Box.

More about the construction of the ParkerMount...

ParkerMount RAM Mounts base

The integration of RAM Mounts components with our Kayalu Toughbar® extension arm make the ParkerMount an exceptional choice if you are looking for an extraordinarily durable mount with a rigid base.

The ParkerMount's anodized aluminum base has a rubberized ball that is coupled to a ball-and-socket joint and a Toughbar® extension arm.

Atop the Toughbar® extension arm, the ParkerMount includes a second ball-and-socket joint connecting the arm to the ball mounted on the rear of the Aqua Box. The ParkerMount's two ball-and-socket jointed couplers let you position and lock the box with an unparalleled level of versatility.

ParkerMount RAM Mounts base

How is a ParkerMount installed?

The ParkerMount's aluminum base can be easily bolted to virtually any surface — a boat or kayak deck, wooden cabinet or dashboard.

We provide all the necessary hardware required for installation, including four sets of stainless steel bolts, locknuts and washers. We even include the correctly sized drill bit to match the hardware.

What's more, you can either fold the ParkerMount out of the way when not in use or remove all of the ParkerMount components except the base by loosening the base coupler. The remaining base and ball can be used as a spare cleat or point of attachment for a bungee cable.

Toughbar Elbow

Wow... A ParkerMount with 2 Toughbar® extensions!

When you order a ParkerMount (or even at a later date), you have the option of adding a second Toughbar® extension arm to provide additional height and flexibility. You can order our 8" (20 cm) Toughbar or our 10" (25 cm) Toughbar. This "elbow" gives you three separate ball-and-socket couplers, each of which can be adjusted and locked.

ParkerMount Aqua Box mount specifications     

ParkerMount PKR-1600 specifications

The ParkerMount PKR-1400 ships completely assembled.

RAM Mount Components (included)

Price includes small Aqua Box
Size upgrades available (see below)

Material: High Strength ABS

Material: High Strength Composite
Quantity: 2

4) RAM BASE 2" X 2.5" W/ 1" BALL
Material: Powder Coated Marine-Grade Aluminum

10" Toughbar® Components (included)
Rod: Hardened Steel, Black Oxide Finish
Balls: RAM 1" Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
Socket: RAM Double Socket "B" Ball
Extension Length: 10" (25 cm)
Ball Center-to-Center Length: 8.5". (21.6 cm)
Tubing: Blk UV-Resistant PVC
Threadlocker: Loctite®

Accessories (included)

Bisco Drill Bit
(4) 8/32 1" Bolt: marine-grade stainless steel
(4) 8/32 Lock Nut: marine-grade stainless, nylon
(4) #8 Washer: marine-grade stainless steel

Toughbar specifications  

Optional Accessories

Toughbar® 10-inch
included, see specifications above

Toughbar® 8-inch
Rod: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Balls: RAM 1" Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
Socket: RAM Double Socket "B" Ball
Extension Length: 8" (20 cm)
Ball Center-to-Center Length: 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Tubing: Black UV-Resistant PVC
Threadlocker: Loctite®


ParkerMount PKR-1600 Aqua Box Upgrades

ParkerMount Aqua Box Small      RAM Mounts Small Aqua Box
Price: $0.00 (standard with PKR-1600)
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=2.38", Height=4.63", Depth=1.13"

ParkerMount Aqua Box Small      RAM Mounts Medium Aqua Box
Upgrade Price: Add $8.50
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=2.88", Height=5.75", Depth=1.188"

ParkerMount Aqua Box Small      RAM Mounts Medium/Wide Aqua Box
Upgrade Price: Add $15.00
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=4", Height=6", Depth=1.75"

ParkerMount Aqua Box Small      RAM Mounts Large Aqua Box
Upgrade Price: Add $20.00
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=3.5", Height=8.43", Depth=2.25"


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